Friday, November 9, 2012

Sender Score, whats that?

There are various aspects that need to be executed properly to have a successful email marketing campaign. These include developing a healthy mailing list, creating witty captivating content and using subject lines and deals users can’t resist. But what happens when you do all this hard work and you notice that you opens were really low? One question to ask yourself is - Did you check your sender score?

Sender score is the reputation rating that your IP address has raging from 0-100, which can be found for free on This Return Path service aggregates data from 60 million mailboxes at a variety of ISPs, spam filtering and security companies. The tool provides a comprehensive view of the direct measures of a sender's behavior and the impact those behaviors have on sender's brand and email deliverability.  Return Path states that 83% of the time, sender reputation is the case of ISP filtering and not content.
Now typically a sender score of 74% or less will have issues reaching a users inbox. Your sender score can be negatively affected by spam complaints, high volume and frequency of mailings.  Monitor all these points by cleansing your list regularly, keeping a consistent send pace and checking your external reputation often.
Adeline Zeledon
Client Services

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