Monday, November 19, 2012

A Few More RAF Recommendations...

Adding a “Tell a Friend” or “Refer a Friend” to an email is a very useful tool in generating new leads. These are emails that are recommended by someone personal, so the probability of generating engagement is high. Have you thought about what this email should contain?

·        Include logo on the top of this email. This is a great opportunity to drive more customers, so branding should be very prominent.

·        Add an easy signup process within the email. Now the offer or information that a person is sharing may or may not interest the referee, but this doesn’t mean they may not sign up for further email

·        Display a personalized message within the subject line. This message should state that their close friend, family member or spouse wants to share this offer or information with them.

·        Include a deal. Aside from the offer that is being shared, give some incentive for this user to sign up for your email.
Although sharing email and recommendation is only a small percentage of generating new subscribers, this doesn’t mean you should drop all efforts. All opportunities should be taken advantage of.
Author: Adeline Zeledon
Editor: Caitlin Durand

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