Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Create Relevant Mailings

Emails must be seen as valuable messages to your users. To help with making your emails valauable check out the few points below that will help you increase relevancy within your email marketing campaigns:

Short Burst Communications
-          Avoid content overload. You need to capture the users’ attention quickly before they decide to move onto the next message
-          Make the call to action accessible 

Present information that revolves around your purpose
-          Define your end goal
-          Mention key information in the beginning (as mentioned above capture your users’s attention quickly)

Review your Data
-          Understand and analyze– become familiar with the trends
-          Utilize surveys – ask your users what is it that they would like to receive from you
-          Use behavioral based campaigns
Utilizing the few points above may help boost the relevancy in your emails. Remember to focus on the end goal of the email and this should help create a clearer message. Happy Mailing!
Amarilys Rivera
Account Manager, Client Svc's

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