Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Outsourcing Your Email Marketing

When you make the choice to include email as part of your marketing strategy, you’ve got a big decision to make. Do you take on the responsibilities in house – or do you outsource to a reputable email marketing firm? There are pros and cons for either option but you have to figure out with best fit your needs. Below are some benefits to consider for each:

CostThe cost of your emails can be cut since you are no longer being charge for the amount of emails that you are sending. You may also be saving if you decide to send emails yourself without the help of another employee.

Control You are the only one managing your list, scheduling and email design.  This gives you the flexibility in making any changes you feel are need instead of submitting it for someone else to handle on their schedule.  
Security there is no longer a fear of sharing user information that is sensitive. With a proper security system you can be protected from potential hackers.

ExpertiseThe individuals employed by a company that is in the business of sending emails with have backgrounds and expertise across multiple aspects of sending emails. They are there to assist you in deliverability, rendering, scheduling, list management, email CAN-Spam laws and even creative layout.
Time - Effective email strategies take time to plan, test and deploy. Having an outsourced team can help shorten the time it would take to send out a campaign.
ReportingBeing able to see the results and compare what tactics worked best can be the biggest assets that outsourcing can provide.  Your providers can also be helpful in providing recommendations based on what they have seen other work for other clients.
All and all choosing to send emails in house or outsource of email depends on a number of factors and is simply determined by your company’s individual needs. If you are considering using an outside source we are here to help  - visit us at
Author: Adeline Zeledon
Editor: Caitlin Durand

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