Friday, November 16, 2012

First Impressions are Everything

In email marketing you have just few seconds to grab reader’s attention and make them interested in the products or services you are offering them. Studies have shown that convenience and clarity at first glance play an essential role in having users sign up and remain on your email lists. There are few easy steps you can follow to have a successful welcome/signup programs:

·         Location of the signup box is very important. As I had mentioned above convenience is important to every user. If the signup box can be located easily users are less likely to abandon the signup process.
·         Don’t ask for too much all at once. Do not expect users give you their entire history when are only signing up for a simple informational newsletter. It is advisable to gather just the necessary information in accordance to your future segmentation plans.
·         Double-optins can help you gain some trust and it can also help you capture clean data (fake data is likely to be excluded by using this option).
·         Send out special and exclusive offers and encourage users to invite their friends by and easy refer-a-friend click.
The above points will help you to build a strong email database and maintain great relationships with email recipients. Moving forward – make sure to keep the interactions going and stay relevant in the consumers mind. Send out a simple and sweet email to just thank them for doing business with your company every once and awhile can go a big way.
Author: Roopal Rawani
Editor: Caitlin Durand

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