Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More 'Tweet' Tips

I recently wrote about some simple tips for using Twitter to boost email productivity. Here are a few more “tweet tips” that may come in handy in relation to your email marketing strategy:

Send Retweets and Thank Yous
Its always nice to thank people and Retweet (RT) their messages plus it helps you gain exposure to various outlets through their Twitter database. Cultivating relationships is an important part of utilizing Twitter – people will notice if you send appreciation their way and will be more likely to return the favor in the future.

Add a Twitter button to your newsletter
Sometimes the simplest tips are the best. Make sure to incorporate a Twitter button in email newsletters to encourage others to share your content. Everyone wants to be the information maven – adding this sort of button lets them tell their friends about cutting edge products, offers, or information quickly and easily.

Tweet About Past Newsletters
Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies. Just because you sent an informational email months ago doesn’t mean the content isn’t relevant today. Hosting newsletter information on landing pages or featuring this content on your website and then tweeting about it later on is a simple way to increase engagement. Think about it – you don’t have to create new content, just a short and sweet tweet redirecting to past info…it couldn’t be much easier than that.

Caitlin Durand
Account Manager, Client Services

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