Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rule Your Sales This Holiday Season

Did you make your holiday gift list yet? What are you waiting for? Snow has already arrived bringing the feeling of the holiday season. If you are in advertising did you start promoting the best products you have available for your targeted customers?

Wait no longer, it’s ideal to start sending holiday emails about month or a month and a half before the holiday arrives - This is when lot of early shoppers starts looking for gifts. We have talked about holiday sending in previous blog posts, but today here I just want to refresh your memory by highlighting few major points that increase effectiveness. We are in the era where online shopping has become a norm, the percentage of online shoppers have increased to more than double in last few years.

To target the desired consumer base successfully you should keep these three important points in mind when setting up an email marketing campaign:

·         Offering FREE shipping to your customers can definitely increase your chances to receive online orders. Who does not love hassle free returns and exchanges, but if you add an initial free shipping offer, it makes for an even better deal.

·         As the holiday gets closer, along with the free shipping add an option for expedited shipping that will cater very well to the last minute shoppers.

·         Make all the emails smartphone friendly – people who are always on the go will love it. It is important to have a limited and to the point message that is not image heavy, so the consumers can easily access the emails on their phones.
Hopefully this holiday season brings more sales to your business.
Happy Holiday mailings J
- Roopal Rawani

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