Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Move Away from "Click Here" Prompts

The term ‘click here’ has historically been used as a call-to-action in email marketing quite often, but as spam filters become more and more stringent the term “click here” could be dangerous to your email marketing campaigns. At KobeMail we suggest you move away from using the term ‘click here’ in your sends and find alternatives that may be more beneficial.  

There is a short span of time that you have as a marketer to get the attention of the users through an email because a large number of recipients are known to scan before making the commitment to follow through or take action.  Click here has been used as a way to grab the users eye quickly – its to the point and commonly known. The problem is that its becoming overused and associated with harmful or “spammy” content.
Instead, try linking entire lines or portions of lines within the sentences. This will not only make certain areas of the content you’d like to highlight “pop” but it will also eliminate the need for the “click here” jargon.
In regards to “buttons” or areas that do not contain text content that you’d like to highlight try using links such as “visit here” or “find out more” as replacements. These are less harmful in regards to spam filters and have the same ultimate effect of “click here”
Taking the few extra minutes to transform you cal to action could help to improve campaign deliverability and increase click throughs in emails. Try it out – and let us know what you think!
Author: Amarilys Rivera
Editor: Caitlin Durand

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