Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you on the Blacklist?

Blacklist can apply to links, IPs or domains that are viewed with suspicion or disapproval. Disapproval comes from the amount of complaint users have reported. If your email headers or links within your content are blacklisted, you may encounter difficulties in delivering your message to your recipients. There are many websites in which you can check your status. Below are a few:

1.       Return Path -
2.       Spamhaus -
3.       SURBL -
4.       MXToolBox -

Manage your delivering practices to reduce your complaints. You can do this by giving a clear description about what your email will be containing and included an opt-in process to ensure that users want to receive your email. Once you are sending, do not send materials that are unrelated to what the subscriber requested to receive and mange your unsubscribed users request within 24hours and remove hard bounces frequently. 

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