Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Building a Strong Email List

The email subscriber is to an online business as the returning customer is to brick and mortar stores. It can be a daunting and time consuming task, but truly understanding your subscribers can lead to long-lasting and profitable relationships. The following techniques can help you to get started:

Easy Opt-In
Always propose a relationship with users past the initial visit by giving them the option to join your email list. The email opt-in option should be prevalent and easily accessible above the fold on all pages on your site. Without scrolling all the way to the bottom of the homepage, a visitor’s attention should be brought to the link to subscribe within the first few seconds on a page.

The ‘About Us’ page is also a very important location to give visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your list. The quest by a user for more information is a clue that the viewer is interested in your business and is more likely to opt-in to receive your emails.
Be Direct
More often than not, when someone views your business site, they are passively scanning through information. Amongst the plethora of information an Internet user goes through, your call to action should be a direct, indisputable statement. If you’re passively suggesting someone should subscribe to your email listing, they may just as passively scroll past. A strong and to the point call to action paired with a simple sign-up form (do not requested to much information) can help to engage prospects.
After the initial signup, the subscribers cannot go unnoticed – Contact via email should be immediate through a Welcome Email. It is suggested you add some sort of offer, or opportunity to gain more info via redirect links, in this email to influence purchase behavior and increase customer loyalty. Following this Welcome Autoresponder, curriculum mailings (drip campaigns) should be used to ensure that the user stays engaged. By taking the time and giving the attention to deliver quality newsletters to your subscribers, they will not only remain an active participant within your business, but may also become an advocate for your brand.
Happy Mailing!
Author: Kayla Sfiligoj
Editor: Caitlin Durand

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Email Marketing & the Mobile Revolution

Return Path, “the Global Leader in Email Intelligence” provides insight into email marketing programs based on data driven insight. Via extensive research and case studies Return Path provides valuable insight into email marketing importance and solutions in this digital age.

A recent study conducted by the organization found that more individuals are now accessing emails through mobile devices than through a browser. Furthermore, “mobile open share has increased 300 percent since 2010 and shows no sign of slowing, with four out of 10 emails sent being read on a mobile device” -- Not only are consumers reading via mobile devices, they are sending almost half their emails through this platform as well.

These findings are extremely important to consider while formulating your email marketing campaigns. As email marketing professionals it necessary to realize that these statistics directly affect our client strategies on a multitude of levels. Emails must be optimized to render across multiple devices, simplified for mobile devices ease, and culminated around “on the go” ideals.

Check out the whole article here

and as always, happy mailing from all of us here at KobeMail!

Author & Editor: Caitlin Durand

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays from Kobemail!

As the New Year begins we must all evaluate company progression in 2012 and develop a plan for productivity in 2013. Setting goals and attempting to reach benchmarks is important in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that help to capture your audience and produce visible results.

Now that the Holiday rush is over and the in-pour of requests has slowed take time to evaluate your current email marketing position within the marketing place. Email marketing is, and will continue to be statistically, one of the most effective ways to reach your target and increase bottom line results.

Here at KobeMail we help to evaluate your needs, appeal to your target, and increase your reach through extensive deliverability testing and results analysis. If you, or someone you know, is looking to improve your email campaigns this year please feel free to reach out and speak with one of our highly trained Account Managers.

Wishing everyone prosperity and wellbeing in 2013!

Caitlin Durand
Account Manager, Client Services
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