Thursday, November 15, 2012

Digital Media & the Ultimate Customer Experience

I recently came across this great Infographic by Monetate that helps to visually explain the consumer experience in regards to the evolution of digital media. The article discusses the customer experience and corresponding customer loyalty in relation to a company’s online presence. A few interesting facts:
·         97% of users feel that the online experience influences whether or not a purchase is made from that particular brand
·         73% of users would consider a repeat purchase based on a superior online experience
·         58% of users are more likely to recommend a company to a friend if the purchase experience was enjoyed.
These stats are overwhelming proof that adapting to the ever changing digital marketplace is important in maintaining and expanding your client base and ultimately increasing your bottom line.
The 5 steps to providing clients with a more relevant online consumer experience are cited as follows:
·         Continue the conversation
·         Talk to your customers like you know them
·         Help customers find what they are looking for
·         Listen to what customers’ actions tell you
·         Surprise and delight
As the marketplace continues to shift more and more online, and numerous digital outlets become easily accessible to the user, you must be prepared to make yourself stand out above the competition. Being “there” simply isn’t enough anymore - what you need is the best, and most adaptable online presence to see viable results.
Check out the infographic here or take a look at our website to get more information on how we help our clients gain measurable online presence with each mailing!
Author & Editor: Caitlin Durand

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