Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Features

KobeMail is excited to announce new service improvements for all our clients. The additional features are a result of feedback from you, our valued clients, who have continually given us recommendations on how we can make the service as well as the application better for your email marketing requirements. Needless to say, these three features were the most recommended in the past year.

Our three latest features are:

  • Rollover Unused Email Volume
  • GeoTrack
  • Push Reporting

Rollover Volume

No more wasted dollars for your unused volume. Many clients don’t even realize they have leftover volume at the end of a month. With this new service, we will track your account, and automatically rollover any unused volume to the next month. We want to make sure you get the most value for your money. The rollover volume will only be valid for the next month.

If you still have unused email volume after the one month rollover, please contact either me or your account manager so we can tailor your account to fit your volume requirements.

Rollover Volume will be fully automated and deployed effective December 1st, 2007.


This feature will benefit all those who currently do not capture user street addresses on their signups. We can now track U.S. state and city information based on the IP of the signup via GeoTrack (there is no charge for state tracking, additional charges apply for city tracking).

Gain a better understanding of the demographic make-up of your lists. Based on the signup IP the database will be automatically populated with the state from where they are signing up from. This will give more transparency to all our clients and their data to understand the demographic distribution of their lists.

All current clients will be automatically updated in a turn-key process and we expect full deployment by the end of January 2008.

Please contact your account manager or me for details on additional customization such as inclusion of city information along with the state.

Push Reporting

Need a running update of how your email marketing initiatives are performing?

Push reporting will be similar to our current Dashboard which provides a monthly overview with the BIG difference being -- you won’t have to log into the application and it will be in your email inbox for you to review with your morning coffee.

The reporting will give you a running count, based on two weeks of data, of your total sent, delivered, opens, click throughs and bounces for all your campaigns.

We want to save you time and keep reporting simple – while delivering pertinent information on the overall performance of your account.

The planned full deployment is the end of January.

We, at KobeMail, would like to thank all of you for your recommendations and look forward to more in the coming months.