Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting Back to the Basics

What fundamental elements of your emails you have tested lately?
In earlier blogs we have discussed the importance of testing subject lines in an attempt to increase opens on your email campaign. Subject line testing is a primary element that most email marketers know to utilize in an attempt to establish headers they know will peak user interest.
Now let’s delve further – Once you’ve gotten the user to open does that mean they will engage, scroll down, and click through? Not necessarily. The secondary element to focus on, that is just as important as subject lines, is content. How would you know what content users will like? Well, there is no ONE answer to this question. As long as the content is concise, easily understandable, andcaters to your users then you have a higher possibility of gaining their interest. In order to find out what works for you, testing and analysis are continuously necessary.
Content checks lead us to highlight another important element – the call to action and its relative placement within the body. Placing a prominent call to action in the beginning of the email should help to increase response rates and untimely increase your bottom line results.
Conducting regular subject line testing and analyzing response action based on email content will help in understanding your users, catering to their wants, and increasing your data results.

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