Friday, October 19, 2012

The Power of Double Opt-In Emails

There are many ways to acquire a list, but how do you make sure the emails you are receiving are good? While building your user consumer base online it is important to consider sending a follow-up email to confirm the user email address - a mailer generally refer to as a “double opt-in” email confirmation. This is typically set up using an autoresponder which immediately shoots out and email when a live sign up takes place.

 I recently read about a test study in which the outcomes of the single opt-in method vs.  double opt-in was quantified and was surprised of the findings. The single opt-in methods the list grew larger quicker and lead to slightly more opens and conversions in the short term. So why use the double opt-in?

The main reason we suggest a double opt-in method for our clients is safety. A confirmation email can help eliminate users who are providing phony emails or the ones that will report you as spam as they may not remember signing up in the first place. It’s an initial step to help keep a good reputation across ISPs.  Asks yourself is its worth sending out to more emails that can ultimately ruin your reputation for a slight higher conversion initially or send out to less, maintain a good reputation, and building toward higher conversions.
Patience is virtue, and using a double opt-in method can get you a much healthier database and maintain your mailing image as a reputable source. Here at KobeMail we have seen the benefits of using this process and would recommend other to use. To find out more feel free to contact us at anytime or visit our website.  

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