Friday, October 5, 2012

Back to School: Email Layout Basics

Remember when you first learned the basic of writing a school essay?  The rule of thumb taught to all young students, “you must have a beginning, middle and an end,” can be applied to the concept of email writing as well. Check out the below segmentation:
Beginning - The start of an email will be considered the Subject Line and Headline. As we were taught, this is the part that introduces the middle and end and should capture attention. To make the most use of this space, build a mutual relationship where the subject line and opening of the email support each other in a clear and concise way.  The first two sentences, or content above the fold line, should capture the essence of the mailing.

Middle - This is where the meat of your email lies, between the top of the mailing and some content below the fold. Give information that supports the beginning of your email to back up the value of the service or product you are trying sell. It is important to maintain user interest here in an attempt to make them take action.
End – This is where your call to action (CTA) should reside. Without being pushy, you must lead the user to act on the intended offer by clicking and being redirected to a landing page. Draw users’ attention using buttons, prominent text, or even clever CTA’s like a See How it Works.
Following the simple formula above will allow you to maintain clean and clear emails that help to increase traffic and help to ensure positive data results. 

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