Monday, October 22, 2012

Lead Generation via Social Media Outlets

Is your organization currently utilizing Social Media channels to grow your database? Are you seeing positive results? If it’s working then you are on right track but if its not generating an ample number of daily leads then here are some questions to ask yourself in an attempt to find out what you’re doing wrong.
Are you looking for signups in the right place?
Most companies have started adding social media buttons to their websites, emails, and even started posting advertisements that link directly to these platforms instead of company websites.  As this practice becomes more and more common you must consider how to hone in on your target market specifically. Instead of blindly incorporating just any social media outlet to your primary marketing strategy prioritize your goals and analyze the users you’re trying to reach.
Is your content relevant and valuable to perspective customers?
Intriguing content is one of the most important aspects needed to grab and hold a user’s attention.  You can’t assume that individuals will buy your product just because they fit the mold of a potential customer, you must clearly convey the benefits to them. Utilizing well thought out content that is put across in an organized and exciting manner will help gain customer interest and maintain customer loyalty.
Are you utilizing clear call to actions that redirect to the proper location?
Be sure to have convenient and prominent spots to redirect a user to the information they are looking for regarding your product. It is also important to periodically make sure the links you have provided in the ads are working properly to ensure users can engage and convert without trouble. Consider not only where links are located about how many calls to action are present – does the user always have an opportunity to redirect without having to search for a link.
If you’re just getting started with Social Media, start with a few sites only and monitor traffic and conversion rates (how many people have actually completed the registration or bought your product) via these outlets.  Give these initial test outlets a couple of months and as always collect data and analyze in an attempt to set goals moving forward.

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