Friday, October 5, 2012

Marrying your Emails & Landing Pages

When you are trying to get a user to respond to a call to action, it is important that both your email and your landing page help the process go as easily as possible. The following are three suggestions that will help enhance the union between your emails and corresponding landing pages:
1. Pick ONE call to action – Have you ever received an email that was asking you to do more than one thing? Sign up for this offer, join our social media channels, buy a product, get our newsletter, read user stories, gain more information…the list could go on and on. Users may get overwhelmed by all the different actions they’re asked to take and then end results could be losing potential signups or business. Extra call to actions can distract users try sending a mailing with one decisive and strong call to action instead.
2.Connecting information – Typically you want your email to be short and sweet. Give only enough information so that the user understands the core value of what you are offering in an attempt to redirect user to the landing page where they can obtain a more detailed description. Use the email to pull the user in with interesting snippets and give them cause to search for more information.
3.Target audience – The same rules apply to emailing as to landing pages. The more personal the better the possibility of conversions. Trying to make a standard email and landing page to reach different demographics can be difficult – you must know your audience in order to communicate well with each group. For example, if you’re an insurance company your information may read differently for your agents and for your customers. Same rules and regulations apply but the language and perks highlighted will be different for each. Segment and reach your audience accordingly.
Although the email is the first thing a user might see, the landing page may be the last before the point of purchase – Both should work together as a team.
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