Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tips for Email Follow-Ups

Below are some brief tips to consider when re-sending an email message to the same list of users, hope these help with future follow-up mailings

Hardbounces should be removed. To help avoid spam traps remove hardbounces from your lists. Removing hardbounces from your list before re-sending is necessary to help ensure proper inbox delivery. Sending to previously bounced users may hurt your reputation with the ISPs so it is important to continuously cleanse your database.    

Create new subject lines.  If you are sending a follow-up email to a portion of your database you may want to consider sending the message with a new subject line. This will keep the message “fresh” and allows you to test which headers work better than others.  An easy way to change the line while keeping the same message is adding a pretext, such as “Newsletter:” or “Don’t Forget-” which could also be used to stress urgency.

Review Content. If you are going to re-send the same email take a look at the content and analyze which links were clicked on more than others. What call-to-actions worked best? Once those questions are answered you may want to tweak your email before re-sending to get better results.

Remove users who have converted. If you are sending a follow up email remove the users who have already converted. Those users would have no need of a follow-up email, may not open the email again, and could even become irritated with the repetition ultimately having a negative effect on your campaign.br />
The tips given should be taken into account when considering re-deploying an email. Happy Mailing!

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