Thursday, October 4, 2012

Take the Time to Schedule Properly

Reaching a vast market, which spans across multiple time zones, can be a difficult task. The following is some information regarding how to best target recipients in and outside the country in the most effective manner to get the best possible results. Please keep in mind the below is in reference to senders who maintain location variables within their database for each user so that segmentation is possible.

First consider what time users are most likely to read your email. While you can’t generalize and say users all check their email at a certain time you can take into consideration the demographics of your list along with generally accepted industry knowledge.

The general recommendation is to send emails early morning mid week to obtain the best data results. Scheduling a campaign for 11am EST for New Yorkers will put the email in mailboxes at 8am PST in California – which generally accommodates both parties reasonably.

KobeMail is located in New York but we service clients all across the US and must constantly consider time differences while working with our clients to ensure their email campaigns have proper reach and return. We even work with clients outside the US who in turn mail out to clients across the globe. This is where scheduling gets tricky. You must have a comprehensive understanding of multiple outside factors that could affect the outcome of your send in regards to time. A few examples are below:

- When individuals generally take lunch breaks
- Holiday celebrations that aren’t celebrated everywhere
- Typical vacation/travel time

Understanding where your users are coming from and consideration of multiple location variables is very important. Collecting location data during the signup process and utilizing that data during scheduling can have a positive impact on your relationship with recipients and their willingness to take action.

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