Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Email Marketing Works

Some of you may wonder if email marketing is even worth including as a piece of your marketing pie. For those who consider it unworthy I ask you to have a closer look at the following information.

According to an online survey done by Exact Targets in 2012 it shows that about 66% of Americans have made a purchase resulting from emails. This statistic ranks email as number one compared to direct mail, telephone, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Marketing Channel and Engagement Benchmark Survey” by Message System Resources has created a survey where they gathered that email is the most popular marketing channel for businesses. They report that 97% of respondents use email for marketing campaigns and 63% of its respondents reported it delivers the greatest ROI compared to social media.

There has been a forecast that email’s ROI will drop with social media rising in the next few years but according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study, email marketing's ROI for 2012 is predicted to "fall" to $39.40 for every $1 spent, accounting for $67.8 billion in sales. Now although social media ROI is expected to rise, it is predicted to be $13.43 for every $1 spent in the year 2016, still not matching email’s ROI (reference article).

Marketing campaigns should be well balanced – Don’t exclude other marketing channels and only engage through email - but do consider the tremendous weight email can have in reaching your consumer base.

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