Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Avoiding Gmail Spam Placement Con't

As discussed in recent blog post regarding Gmail Filtering, we know that Gmail’s stringent user based filters can mean problems with deliverability to the inbox and serious headaches for bulk email senders. Below are some of the frequently seen causes that prevent deliverability to Gmail Inbox:

Phishing – Phishing can be seen when emails (spammers) try to trick Gmail users into sharing sensitive information. These messages are dishonest, unwanted by the recipient, and have the underlying intention of causing harm.

Unconfirmed Sender – When Gmail is unable to confirm the identity of the sender messages due to invalid or lack of sender data emails can be blocked.

Message Attributes – When messages display characteristics of harmful or unidentifiable characteristics such as sales of illegal products or unsuitable language it will send the email to spam and warn the user of the contents.

User Preferences – If a Gmail user has previously marked a message as spam it will automatically be filtered to the spam box.
All of the above causes can be overwhelmingly annoying when you are a reputable sender mailing to users who have previously opted in to receive your mailings. Keep in mind, however, that these settings prevent you, as a user, from being scammed or annoyed by constant unwanted emails of threats.

Stay tuned for info on the specific messages Gmail displays and how to interpret their meanings and combat their effects…

- The KobeMail Team

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