Monday, December 24, 2012

KobeMails Most Helpful Tips from 2012 - Part 2

As promised - Here are some more highlights and tips from the 2012 year here at Kobemail!
Email Lists
There are many ways to acquire a list, but how do you make sure the emails you are receiving are good? While building your user consumer base online it is important to consider sending a follow-up email to confirm the user email address - a mailer generally refer to as a “double opt-in” email confirmation. Get more info about the benefit of double optins.

Blacklist can apply to links, IPs or domains that are viewed with suspicion or disapproval. Disapproval comes from the amount of complaint users have reported. Learn how to find out if your on the dreaded Blacklist.

Standing Out
First Impressions are everything! In email marketing you have just few seconds to grab reader’s attention and make them interested in the products or services you are offering them. Ways to get their attention here.


HTML Creative Optimization can be difficult. We’re here to help! Get tips on how to optimize your HTML creatives so they look the same in all email carriers and get delivered successfully each time.

Happy Holidays and as always Happy Mailing!
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Editor: Caitlin Durand

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