Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Avoiding Gmail Spam Placement

As a sender of bulk email drops you know that passing Gmail spam filters is no walk in the park. Gmails complex filtering system uses a multiple tier system based on pattern analysis, virus/phishing detection, and most importantly user preference analytics to ensure that spam stays out of the inbox. The problem is, legitimate emails sent to opted-in users are often trapped in spam filters because of these strict filtering policies.
So the real question is – what can you do? The following are items Gmail identifies for you to take into consideration when sending to Gmail in an attempt to reach the inbox and ultimately interact with your users.
Authentication & Identification: A consistent and healthy IP address with valid reverse DNS2 records that point directly to your domain and a accurate from name that isn’t frequently modified should be used.
Subscription: Users must be opted in to your list through either an email of by manually checking on online web form.
Unsubscribing: A user must be able to request and stop receiving emails through an unsubscribe via link or email.
Format: Don’t attempt to hide the true sender or landing page location and make sure the subject is pertinent to the body content
Delivery: Add a header to your email requesting that users add your from address to their safe sender list and click “not spam” to ensure proper delivery every time.
Now you’ve got some items to think about when you’re composing and dropping your emails. Check back soon for more information on Gmail blocks and what specific spam notifications mean for the sender.

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