Thursday, August 9, 2012


Get to know your list.
Mailing to users who haven’t engaged could be important to converting them back in. These users can still be valuable to you if you can think of ways to re-engage them. As a consumer so much is going on around them. Different products and services they are subscribed to getting emails from that they usually filter what they want to see read right away or what can be left for later. Often times the emails saved for later viewing end up being forgotten, deleted or even spammed.
Going back to an example I used in a previous post (hyperlink to my blog: Smartphone E-mail Usage Climbing) about receiving coupons from my favorite store, if I have not visited the site in a while it is nice to get an incentive such as a special offer in my inbox to re-visit. Incentives as such can re-engage the consumer and entice them to visit your site.
Thinking of ways to re-engage your users is crucial but first you have to identify who are the users you need to reach out to. Separate these users from your engaging users and send a specific message to them to help get them engaged again. The specific message you send to these users might not re-engage them right away. Keeping an eye on who re-engages and who doesn’t is important. Testing various campaigns and offers can help identify what your users are looking for and what engages them to visit your site and convert.
A/B split testing different offers can help identify what the particular audience felt like they were missing. You can also test the content and how you approach the audience. The tone you use in the email message is important. Consider using a friendly tone and not just a corporate company talking to the audience. This can also be tested.
Re-engaging your users might help converting these users into customers again!
 - Happy mailing from the KobeMail team

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