Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grow Your DB Organically

Bought a bad email list? Left with a small database of inactive recipients? Frustrated because the price doesn’t seem to be worth the payoff? You’re not alone. Purchasing email lists is a risky choice and is generally not recommended as the most valuable users are shown to be the ones who have opted-in to receive your mailings. These opted-in users are the ones most likely to generate conversation and help increase your bottom line. Before you go out and buy an email list you may be disappointed with consider the factors below.
Website – As this is the end location you are trying to drive traffic to its important to make sure that the signup process is as simple as possible. Keep in mind the below:
  • Have signups to your mailings available in different pages within your website.
  • Make sure to make it visible and encouraging for users to sign up.
  • Consider offering some sort of coupon or promise exclusive promotions.
  • Send a follow up email confirming their email address to confirm successful signup and let the user know what to expect next
Online Traffic Mediums – Not only are the users already in your list valuable as potential shoppers they should also be leveraged as a tool to increase other signups through word of mouth. Try this out:
  • Allow all emails sent to have the option to share with a friend to promote more signups.
  • Offer a reward for a certain amount of friends referred; this strategy can also be applied to all social media channels that can help promote signup.
  • Have redirect links to your website from social media outlets or better yet allow users to sign up then and there.
Offline Medium – Any outside mediums you have access to should be used as another tool for promoting email list growth. Offering email signup at a physical store, event, customer service center or using direct marketing through mail can be very valuable when trying to grow your list.
If you feel that your list size is not as large as you like it to be, you can always resort to other online marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, affiliate advertising and banner ads. Be creative, spread the word and help others spread the word for you by making processes easy and outcomes beneficial.

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