Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Your Objectives in Order

1. Identify Your Goal

Regardless of the purpose of an email message, whether it’s to make a sale or provide useful information to users, the desired outcome is to persuade the user to take action. To make this end result a reality you want your message and call-to-action to be clear before you start work on your email. First ask yourself - what is the purpose of this email? Having a clear and achievable goal in mind will help ensure the content of your email will benefit your bottom line.  

2. Plan Execution

Now that you’ve identified your goal you need to plan the best way to format your email to accomplish said goal. Keep the following items in mind:

                - It is important to place a clear call to action above the fold line of the email
                - A prominent company logo must be present to identify yourself as a reputable sender
                - The layout of your content should allow for easy navigation
                - All Iinks should redirect to the proper location and be tracked for data result purposes

3. Send Promptly and Properly

The goal has been identified, the email itself has been formatted, now it’s time to send. While sending make sure to keep in mind time zones and the particular location of mail recipients and consider what day of the week it is.
These may seem like 3 simple priorities when formulating an email but you would be surprised at how easily they can get lost in the mix. Identify, plan, send. As usual, our team is here if you should have any questions!

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