Monday, December 6, 2010

Spam Filters- Avoid Them at All Costs!

Landing in the junk folder is something that all email marketers should fear. You can spend a lot of time and effort on designing a great creative and cleaning your list, but if you break even one of the cardinal sins, you might be bound for the Spam box.

When sending an email, you actually have to get past two spam filters, each of which has a mind of its own. The ISP has a spam filter as well as the email application. Often times your email, which of course is not spam, will fall into the spam folder.

In order to avoid landing in the spam box, make sure that your subject line is not too “spammy.” This is actually the easiest way to call into the spam box. The subject line has to be relevant- even if the message gets past the spam filter, the reader still wants to see an enticing subject line. Make sure not to include spammy words such as “free” or “click now.”Also, keep punctuation to a minimum. Too many (!) can lead you into the spam box.

You must also take necessary precautions when developing the content of your email message. Make sure that the content is also barren of spammy words. Your creative must not just be a graphic- our rule of thumb is 60/40, with 60% being text. Every HTML creative should have a subsequent plain-text version as well. In addition to the wording, make sure that the content is coded correctly!

The IP address where the email is sent from must not be “blacklisted.” When using an ESP, make sure that the chosen provider does a superb job of filtering out any users that may cause the IP to get blacklisted. If one client emails are reported as spam and results in getting the IP blacklisted, every additional client that sends out through that IP is also most likely will experience blocks.

Choosing an ESP such as KobeMail is a wise investment. KobeMail is a responsible email service provider that assures its clientele that the IP is away from a blacklist and that the sending domains are whitelisted.

When sending an email campaign, make sure to follow all of the fore mentioned steps. Creating a great campaign and sending it to a clean list is just half of the battle- staying out of the spam box and making it to the reader’s inbox is the ultimate goal. Do not let a rule break prevent you from being successful.

Author: Courtney Dillsworth

Editor: Peter Schirripa, Yasifur Rahman

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