Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Email Marketing Mistakes

Crucial and Basic Rules that Startups needs to follow in Email Marketing
As a start up, you probably are very excited to send emails out to your customers and share your stories and products. A few crucial rules should be followed by businesses like yours to enhance overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Here they are:  

1.    Don’t think you represent your target market
2.    Don’t market to “Everybody”
3.    Have a permission from your customers
4.    Don’t purchase email lists
5.    Know the difference between transactional emails and email marketing
6.    Focus on customer wants/needs rather than trying to beat the competitor
7.    Build relationships, rather than sending mass messages
8.    Don’t assume people want to hear from you or know who you are
9.    Test emails across multiple platforms 

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for most details on each one of these great pieces of advice. Much more to come…

- The KobeMail Team

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