Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Email marketing and social media marketing appear similar for the following reasons:

1)    Both are online and can deliver messages directly to audiences who have expressed an interest in the company
2)    Both cost comparably less than other marketing tools
3)    Both produce high returns and beneficial results when executed properly

There are, however, numerous aspects that differentiate the two despite these similarities. In addition, there are many examples show that email marketing is still a lot more effective than social media marketing. The main reasons businesses often choose email marketing over social media is that Email marketing can provide real-time trackable numbers.

Email marketing provides a huge range of statistics—from number of emails sent, open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, etc. Although technological leaps are being made to measure user activity online in regards to social media, email marketing still provides the most definitive user statistics. With detailed statistics, email marketers can adjust and improve the marketing contents and strategies for better efficiency.

Check out this inforgraphic for more detailed information

Happy Mailing!

Author: Heejung Kim
Editor: Caitlin Durand

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