Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need More Subscribers?

The sign-up process for your potential customers is the first step in creating a relationship with them. You can, and should, do more than just have a sign-up form on your website. From our experiences at KobeMail, here are a few suggestions on how to successfully increase your sign ups:

1. Just because people land on your site does not ensure that they will sign up for your email newsletter. Even if they begin to fill out the form, often times the potential subscriber will not finish the form. If you want them to eventually buy from you, having them sign up for your email newsletter is the first step. Your sign up form needs to be clear, easy, and visible.

2. Give your potential subscribers something to look forward to. Make sure that the future value is presented clearly. Will you be sending coupons? Will your subscribers get inside information that non-subscribers won’t? The more enticing the reason to sign up is, the more likely you are to gain new subscribers.

3. Be sure to ask for enough information without asking for too much. Each additional field you add on your sign up form is one step closer to losing the subscriber. Decide ahead of time exactly what information you need, and be sure not to ask for more. Ask yourself this question: would you want to fill out all of the allotted information? If the answer is no, it will surely be a no to everyone else be smart here.

4. A great way to increase your sign ups is to gain the trust of your consumers. You can do this by justifying ahead of time why you’re asking for their personal information. For example, if you need their home phone number, tell them WHY you need it, and if you don’t need it, don’t ask them for it. Being up front with your customers will allow them to trust you and increase your chances of making the sale.

In addition to these steps, you want to make sure that your sign up form is visually appealing. Here is a site that offers unique and easy sign-up form ideas.

Author: Peter Schirripa

Editor: Courtney Dillsworth

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