Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Win Back" - Improve ROI

Do you want to see more from your email marketing campaign? At KobeMail, we have helped clients in many different ways to improve ROI based on testing and tweaking their campaign strategies. As you may know, the new engagement metrics, (i.e. in-box placement and deliver-ability), are being practiced by three major ISP’s – Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. Opens and CTRs from users are monitored and engagement has now become an indicator of reputation of a sender.

Want to see an increased ROI? Begin improving your online reputation and start segmenting out your user base, especially if this is something you haven’t done before. By segmenting your lists I mean breaking out engagers vs. the non-engagers. Question now becomes who do I consider non-engagers? Are these the users that have been in the system for a long time but has not purchased? Or users that have purchased but have not purchased anything since a certain period? Are they users that haven’t opened or responded to your emails in a number of days as defined by you – 60 days? 90 days? 365 days?.

Once you define the buckets that you have placed your user base, you have to now think of your email strategy – to up-sell the existing and convert the non-engaging.
You might want to try a few of the strategies we have implemented with our clients that have resulted in positive for your next campaign.

• Target subscribers who have not opened-offer them a creative with a compelling call to action. 50% discounts, free membership for a year, $20 coupon for a purchase of over $100, etc.

• Reach out to users who have clicked in past but did not buy anything and send them a follow up email encouraging them to make a purchase with the same compelling action in mind
• Send out a message to users who have made a purchase only once with a call to action or incentive for them to purchase again
• Respect your subscribers and encourage them to interact
• Be honest and straight forward about the offer in the subject line (use a call to action)
• Be informative – keep the message and tone in line with your brand
• Test a few alternative subject lines or messages – this is very important- it gives you a big picture of what works best

You leave a lot of revenue left on the table when you do not attempt to win back former subscribers of your email messages. Winning back even a small percentage of users can help you generate additional revenue in future so be sure to clean up your lists and reach out to your users In hopes of increasing your ROI.

Author: Roopal Rawani
Editor: Peter Schirripa & Yasifur Rahman

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