Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Triggered Emails- Why and How You Should be Using Them!

You can choose one of two platforms: a “broadcast email”-one sent to everyone on the list, or a “triggered email”-a message that is triggered by an event, time, or an action that is sent to a specific person for a specific reason.

While email creatives can be altered amongst varying lists for a broadcast campaign, the real option of personalization lies within trigger based emails.

What exactly is, you ask, a trigger email campaign?

a. It’s specific to a recurring need or objective. Trigger email campaigns are sent in response to a recurring action such as a new subscription, an abandoned cart, a nearing product or subscription expiration.

b. It is automated. Essentially, triggered email campaigns are meant to “set and forget.” Triggered emails are meant for those times when you need a confirmation, a follow-up, a reminder, an alert, or a prompt.

c. It is individualized. Triggered emails are sent to specific people who have taken a specific action or inaction on your website or in a previous email. The exact email only deploys when it is relevant to the person receiving it.

Triggered emails will give your sales team a better way to follow leads. Your customer base will be more targeted resulting in better sales. You can stop sending emails to non-responsive addresses which will stop wastage of marketing funds. The automation allows your sales team to concentrate on more productive jobs while this job is well taken care of too.

The strategy behind your email marketing approach is vital to your success. In order to have a high open rate, you need to target your message. There is no easier way of targeting your email than to rely on the trigger-email. Strategy is key, and KobeMail is your leader in strategic email marketing.

Author: Courtney Dillsworth

Editor: Peter Schirripa

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