Monday, January 31, 2011

Landing Pages

While reaching the inbox of subscribers is the ultimate goal of email marketers, supplying them with an appropriate landing page is important as well. From our experience here at KobeMail, we have seen a lot of email marketers do everything right with the exception of supplying their users with an ideal landing page.
Here are a few examples of common landing page mistakes that some marketers make:

1. Landing pages that do not actually work. You need to test your landing page in every browser, and test them often! We have come across some landing pages that work one day and then do not work the next. Testing and re-testing is a must in email marketing.

2. Landing pages that do not match the ads in your creative. Readers will likely abandon the page that they are redirected to if it seems very different from the products or services that are shown or described within the content of your email. It’s important to remain consistent across all platforms of email marketing.

3. Landing pages that break promises. If within the content of your email you mention a promotion that the reader will receive by clicking a link, you need to actually offer that promotion. We have seen issues in the past where readers will click the redirect link and end up with a mixed message, causing them to immediately exit out of your landing page and maybe even unsubscribe from your mailings altogether.

4. Calls to “inaction.” Assuming that your user knows what to do is not going to work. You need to tell them and tell them clearly. You must create visual “call to action” buttons. You can get a free call to action button generator here.

5. Poorly created landing pages. Making sure they work is one thing, but making sure that they are clean and engaging is another. Be sure not to have a cluttered page with too much information. You should try different copy and test out which receives a better response. You want to make sure that your landing page is engaging yet to the point.

Landing pages are primarily where a conversion takes place. In order to ensure a conversion, you must have an ideal landing page for your subscribers to be redirected to. Try different content changes and test them all to find what works best and what your users respond best to. Make sure that your link works and that the landing page has an immediate call to action. Work with your ESP, like KobeMail, to make changes to your campaign to have a more effective landing page.

Author: Peter Schirripa

Editor: Courtney Dillsworth

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