Monday, May 3, 2010

Reinforce Your Company Statement

A major problem has been pointed out in the email marketing industry. Companies are not reinforcing their mission statement to the consumer in their emails. The consumers are not being reminded why they have chosen your company over your competitors. If you are sending a notification email that states the product they purchased is being delayed, or if there is a change in service; don’t forget to have your company’s marketing statement in the message. This statement, of course, should always be the reason why your product or service is better than your competitors. Reminding your consumers why they have chosen your goods is always necessary in every single email you send, especially when there is an issue or change regarding their order.

When there is a change or issue with an order, even a billing statement, it usually associates with a negative discern. Make sure you are reiterating the benefits of your company, to reinforce the positive aspects you possess! Remember, customer loyalty is just as important as bringing in new clientele.

- Keep in mind that product delays are very irritating to consumers who need what they purchased right away. Yes, it’s true many of us are impatient, and we’d all like to have things on time especially when it is scheduled. Due to this, consumers may be asking themselves, ‘why should I have to deal with this company, when the competitor can get it to me faster for a lower price?’

It is essential to sustain brand and customer loyalty. The way to accomplish this is by making sure it’s in everything you send out. Try this simple task. Keep communications going. Let the consumer know that you care about them and haven’t forgotten what they need.

Author: Tiffany Wong
Edited by Courtney Dillsworth & Yasifur Rahman

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