Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tracking Click Behavior

Consumers that check numerous emails every day see the same phrase and become very passive to "Click Here" verbiage. Let's keep your readers engaged and change around the call to action and give them variations – to make them click through.

If you are giving more choices for call to actions, then you can measure which verbiage is more effective along with a better understanding of the links/phrases that your users are more likely to click on. Take a photography studio newsletter for instance; it is necessary for your campaign to be divided into different types of portraits. Give consumers three (3) different call to actions specified, "Individual," "family" and "pets." By doing, so you have let your users be directly linked to the segment of the site that they are most interested in. It will also assist you in creating new targeted segmentation for your users – provided that you have the ability to capture the user and the segment they are in. The simple differentiation just gave you more targeted statistics, segmented your user base to different categories and has given your user list a more structured form for future emails.

For "follow-up" campaigns – once you collect the data on which users have clicked -- send them a follow-up campaign including a coupon for 10% off to the target segment they have clicked on. This will give rise to higher conversion as you are targeting your promotions to the user that appealed to them the most.

To have your links labeled differently, other than "click here," is just more appealing to the consumer and they are more inclined to click on a link with variety – a link that's labeled with something they want. This is also psychological, with something so general like "click here," consumers might feel like it is a trap, or it will lead to the same old website with the same old offers they are used to. Internet users are wary of all the promotions they get and this is one of the biggest deterrant to conversion for a website. By mixing it up, targeting and segmenting your lists, you are likely to receive higher ROI on a per email send. If your ESP has purchase tracking, like KobeMail does, this is the best way to see the ROI on per thousand emails sent.

Happy targeting!! :)

Author: Tiffany Wong
Edited by Courtney Dillsworth and Yasifur Rahman

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