Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Less is More

Many email marketers strive for long term goals against short term tactics. However, short term goals are actually more important for long term gain. Think strategically - How can you create your short term tactics that can drive instant results and help the company in the long run?

May I suggest that the first time the user signs up – keep a couple of days between the welcome email and the deal promotion email. Also, for new signs ups, keep your promotional emails to a minimum. For instance, you should consider all new sign ups to be on a short -term subscriber list. You are not sure if the new user may be a long term, loyal consumer or a consumer that may be just testing out your company. New subscribers are quicker to unsubscribe when they’re bombarded with a bunch of new emails and regret that they subscribed. They may even stop using your products or services altogether.

If you are using a curriculum for new subscribers, try scheduling the days in between for a longer period before sending out the next email. For example, once the “welcome” or “thank you” email goes out, schedule the next email to arrive a couple of days after and then increase the duration between emails. Don’t overwhelm your users. The most engaged subscriber is a new user where you’ll see higher open and click rates.
As we all know, the consumer doesn’t spend more than three seconds on each email, so let’s try to keep your newsletters and messages as brief as possible. Highlight only the important content.

Continue Mailing…Sophisticatedly.

Author: Tiffany Wong
Editor: Courtney Dillsworth

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