Friday, August 12, 2011

Smartphone E-mail Usage Climbing

There is no doubt that new generation is wired in and the Gen X as well as the babyboomers are following suite. Grandad and grandmas are now using their phones to send and receive pictures of their 10 year old grand children. I, personally have two email accounts set up and receive and send emails throughout the day. Having my email makes me feel connected and in the know whether it be coupons from my favorite store or an email from a friend about a weekend party. The smartphone virus has infected all of us and in a very very good way. :)

It is obvious with the increase in the users using phones as their primary source of email, desktop usage has fallen. A study from ComScore* stated that mobile email usage has had a jump of 36% in a three month period that ended in November 2010 citing that there was a 6% decrease in the number of users checking their emails through their desktops or laptops.

It’s important to consider the effects this can have on the email marketing world. As an email marketer your job is no longer only testing the rendering of your creative’s on computer screens but also considering how that creative will appear on a mobile device. Of course some changes will have to be made to allow your message to get through to your mobile email users.

Here at KobeMail, our dedicated account managers (which includes me yay!!) make sure that the mobile email users will be able to access the email being sent. These emails undergo testing to ensure that the communication renders correctly – while being consistent with the formatting with client requests, and the look and feel represents the quality our clients expect.

I try to provide my clients a text version to their campaigns so that it is sent as a multipart to avoid rendering issues on a mobile device. The result – the message is delivered in the proper rendering format whether it’s viewed on desktop or a phone.

While desktop, laptop and web-based email usage is not a thing of the past mobile email usage is certainly on a rise. Keeping this in mind will allow you to get your message across to all users no matter what type of device they chose to use.


Author: Amarilys Rivera
Editor: Yasifur Rahman

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