Monday, June 14, 2010

What Can Email Marketing Do For a Business

The email marketing world is definitely still new and not everyone is able to define it accurately, even those who work in the field. The answer may vary depending on what type of business you have, whether it’s retail, advertising, small business or a restaurant. Well here are the top eight answers you can give:

1. “We bring in new customers and keep them loyal and coming back.”
When we send out emails, we have the privilege of having customers’ personal inbox and anything we send will make our consumers feel special. With welcome letters to make our consumers feel special and thank you letters to show our appreciation, we develop a stronger relationship with our consumers more than any other form of communication.

2. “E-mail marketing is our most valuable, targeted, and measurable form of communication”.
It’s the easiest and most efficient form of communication which saves companies money and also helps consumers save with exclusive offers. It also gives valuable information to the consumers to learn what they never learned before.

3. “Our e-mails provide benefits that other marketing channels can't match”.
We are able to reach our audience effectively wherever they are. We can catch them when they’re at work, the gym, the bus, or vacation. We are able to reach them when they are on the go which makes it convenient for them.

4. “We provide the strongest return on investment within our department”.
With emails, ROI is easy to measure with a whole spectrum of details. Number of opens, clicks, clicks to conversion, lead and close rates. It is the industry leading deliverability.

5. “We can keep the buzz going for weeks and weeks.”
When consumers love something, they will never stop talking about it with their friends, families, co-workers, and even strangers. Buzz is a big part of email marketing. Email marketing communications will lead people to talk about your product or services. Consumers love to pass on exclusive deals, news and valuable information to others.

6. “Customers provide companies with insight about what they are interested in and what they are not interested in.”
Companies can see what consumers are signing up for, and what their purchases are to determine their likes and dislikes. They even write reviews on the products, and fill out surveys. Consumers rely on other consumers reviews.

7. “We share information through email to loyal customers and prospects before letting the public know about it.”
Before the public could get their hands on the news and products, emails recipients get it first directly and the fastest.

8. “We keep our consumers connected to our brand.”
We are constantly communicating with our loyal customers who want to be updated on the latest and they never miss a thing. They have a special connection with the brand that makes it personal.

Author: Tiffany Wong
Editor: Courtney Dillsworth

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