Friday, June 6, 2008

Common Deliverability Issues Revealed

Wonder what causes delivery issues? Here are just a few reasons as to why your message may not be delivered properly or in a timely manner to the inbox:

Sender Reputation - This element consists of list hygiene, message quality, subscriber engagement and complaint rates. Keeping a good standing with ISPs is important in determining whether your message gets to the Inbox, goes sent to spam, or gets blocked all together.

Spam Trap – ISPs frequently use deactivated email address accounts with the intention of trapping illegitimate senders.  Using purchased lists, whose integrity are in question, is not advised. It’s better to have a healthy list than a long list.

Volume – Spammers tend to send in large bulk trying to hit as many people as they can with the same sort of offers. You might have a large list but if you cleanse on a regular basis and keep a good reputation with the ISPs it will help avoid being blocked.

Authentication – Allows the ISP to know that you, the sender, are in fact the actual sender. Make sure you receive the proper authentication before sending in bulk.

Hardbounce rate – Removing unknown email addresses can help avoid getting trapped in a spam filters. Cleansing your list is important to avoid delivery issues.

Complaint Rate – Having users unsubscribe should not be seen as a bad thing. If users unsubscribed from receiving your emails this is the best and friendliest way. Allowing the users to unsubscribe easily may help with lowering the chances of them complaining as spam.

Consider these reasons regarding why your message may be seeing delivery issues and work toward establishing a better reputation with the ISPs. Here at KobeMail we understand these causes and work closely with our clients on eliminating the above causes.

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