Monday, July 28, 2008

Stay off the Dreaded Blacklist

Most email marketers know about the Can-Spam Act. If you want to stay off the dreaded Blacklist you should follow these simple protocols. When it comes to being in compliance with the Can-Spam act it is simple. You don’t want to run the risk of receiving a penalty that can cost your company time and expense .You want to make sure that you are on the whitelist or that the customer has your domain saved in the address book.

Simple steps you can follow:

  • Keep an eye on your reputation- Make sure you stay up on the law of the Can-Spam act.

  • Allow users to add their email to your list via your web site.

  • Collect email addresses when in contact with customers to build your list of wanted users.

  • Do not use misleading subject lines or headers

  • - The subject line should accurately state what content the email contains. Use Call to action to increase Opens.

    - The “From” , “To” and “Reply-to” email address and domain should state the company the email is coming from

  • There should always be a valid physical address on each email sent out.

  • Allow your users to opt out on receiving emails. This can lessen the chance of more users placing your email in spam to get rid of receiving emails from your company.

  • If a user chooses to unsubscribe or opt out on receiving emails from your company you should honor the request within 10 days the latest.

  • Manage and know what other companies you have hired to do any email advertising for your company.

  • - You want to make sure that they are in compliance as well

It is best practice to stay off spam lists. You want your message to be heard. Being in compliance with the Can-Spam Act will help you stay off the dreaded Blacklist. For more information search Can-Spam Act.

Author: Amarilys Rivera
Editor: Roopal Rawani

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